MONDAYS works collaboratively with chefs to create vessels and dishware that compliment their work. Please inquire about how we can work together to design custom tableware for your restaurant. Samples available upon request.


Blue Hill

We have been working with Chef Dan Barber and General Manager Philippe Gouze since 2013 to create custom tableware that enhances the immersive experience of a meal at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.  


The Catbird Seat

For Ryan Poli of The Catbird Seat in Nashville, we have designed a collection of small plates, bowls and sculptural wood-fired sake sets to compliment his seasonal tasting menu.




Chef Franco Sampogna of Joy Mangano's Jema Restaurant in Huntington, Long Island, commissioned us to make our traditional Moon Plates and Dinner Bowls in three custom color ways to showcase his local, seasonal, menu.